What is grain free dog food?

When it comes to dog food, “Grain free” is quite a general term and it relates to the absence of grains rather than a focus on the content of the food. wheat, maize, barley, rice and other grains are absent. These grains are cheaper and help reduce the cost of your dogs food however, there can be a cost in terms of nutrition.

Dogs are omnivores and as such, they can enjoy generally a wider range of nutrient to allow their bodies to operate effectively. This can be a problem, as dog food companies can produce lower nutrition feed from poorer ingredients and use grains to make their food seem better value.

How many people live on only cornflakes or, just white bread?

The problem lies with the fact that your dog eats the same food every single every day. If that food is low in nutrition, it means simply; your dog is on a poor diet, with all of the issues that come with that.

By replacing the poorer nutrient with a quality meat and vegetable based diet like Conchobar grain free food, your dog will benefit from improved digestion, low allergen ingredients, lower hunger levels between meals.

High Meat content grain free dog foodConchobar Grain Free Dog Food

Going further than merely a grain free food, Conchobar grain free food give you more control of protein choices, with Nine different variations All varieties contain a minimum 50% meat, usually a single meat content, like Turkey for example. By selecting the exact food for your dog, you are in the driving seat regarding your dogs nutrition.

Of course, a good quality meat protein is important but, it’s not the only factor. Conchobar grain free food has a blend of sweet potato, peas & small quantity of potato. These ingredients combine to create a very gentle, digestible, complete diet for your dog.

At Pet Supplies UK, we are often helping our customers with allergies and digestion issues in dogs and Conchobar grain free dog food is our secret fix. It allows us here, to make a informed choice about what ingredients we can give a dog. Therefore and more importantly, what ingredients can be calculated out of a dogs diet. Obviously, this process only works with 100% commitment, including all treats.

The range is broad with a Chicken Puppy Food, available proteins of Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Lamb, Pork, Venison, Salmon, Tuna & Haddock in Adult Dog & a Lighter adult food of Trout. Never before have you had this choice for your dog.

It’s affordable too.

Conchobar range of food has been extensively developed to minimise cost to you, so you get maximum quality food for a great price.

Don’t pay for fancy packets you throw in the bin!

Check out Conchobar grain free food now.