It's important to groom your dog

Why do I need to groom my dog?

Whilst some dogs need a high level of up keep, some do not. When selecting your new dog, it is worth while to consider the type of coat and upkeep that will be required to keep you dog clean and healthy. Some dogs have a undercoat as well as a longer topcoat. The undercoat serves to insulate, whilst the longer topcoat gives protection from the elements and both require upkeep.

All dog coats require frequent brushing  to reduce matting and to keep the coat from shedding around the home, as well as keeping your dogs coat in top condition. As well as brushing to keep your dogs coats in good order, washing your dog’s coat is a good idea for healthy dogs every 4 to 6 weeks. By washing your dog, you remove bacteria that builds on the coat creating a very common dog type smell. It is always advise to use a shampoo rather than a perfume when freshening up your dog’s coat as, you will be removing the bacteria which is the prime cause of the unattractive smell.

Some breeds and cross breeds require extra shaping and sometimes stripping back the fur to keep your dog’s coat looking as it should and reflecting on the effort of care you apply to your dog. How often depends on the breed, personal tastes and activities of you dog. If you are in doubt about how often your dog should be groomed, just consult  your local groomer who can advise you.

So just why do I need to groom my dog?

The question of Why do I need to groom my dog is a good question to ask as it will become a regular part of looking after your dog and giving them the best care possible.

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