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What should I feed my pet dog or cat?

What should I feed my pet dog or cat?

Most of us understand that if you eat well then you’ll be at your very best and understandably we also want that for our pets.

What a lot of people don’t understand though is that you need to start looking beyond the snazzy label on the front.  It’s what’s in the food that really matters. And rather worryingly, just because you’re paying a supreme price doesn’t always mean that you’re getting the very best nutrition for your pet.

What should I feed my pet dog or catNutritional Pet Food at a Good Price 

Don’t just take our word for it though — do the research yourself and next time you go food shopping for your dog or cat, look at the ingredients label.

Based on dogs and cats without any health conditions, it’s better to go for the food that has a higher meat content, rather than one that’s really heavily based on cheaper wheat, soya, or other ingredients that are designed to bulk the food out.

This sort of food is calorie heavy, but low on nutritional value. It’s the equivalent of us only having white bread for breakfast lunch and dinner. That’s going to make you feel sluggish, gain wait and look rather drab…

Some pet food manufactures are not as informative about what is in their food, so they use generic terms like: ‘meat and animal derivatives’, ‘cereals’ and ‘derivatives of vegetable origins’. These terms do not clearly outline the ingredients of the food and unfortunately there is no legal requirement to give greater details for pet food.

If you can’t clearly define the ingredients of a food, would you be happy to eat it?

Pet Supplies UK’s advice is simple: know what ingredients and what percentages of those ingredients are in your pet’s food. Don’t buy a label — buy the food.

Whichever food is listed at the top of the ingredients list is generally the primary ingredient. Meat such as chicken should be the main ingredient for dogs and cats — try and avoid any product containing food colouring, it is manufactured to look good for you — your pets don’t care what colour it is.

Here at Pet Supplies UK we label all of our products clearly, detailing the core ingredients so you can make the right choice.

We think about what actually goes into our range of pet foods, and rather than splashing the cash on big and brash packaging covered in marketing messages, we’d rather concentrate on producing quality pet food at affordable prices.

As with our own food, we are becoming more aware of what we put in our bodies and the importance of good diets. Let us help you find your pet an appropriate diet for them and your budget.

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Based in Yate, Bristol, the team at Pet Supplies UK are always happy to give advice and talk to customers over any pet related queries and concerns.

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We regularly deal with customers who have come to us with problems that we have been able to help with regarding, nutrition, diet & skin issues etc and are regularly asked what should I feed my pet dog or cat?

Pet Supplies UK also provides a dog grooming service and pet food and supplies for small animals and aquatic life.

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